Publication subvention

The Oregon Humanities Center has been offering author subvention grants since the mid-1990s for UO faculty publishing books or monographs in the humanities and related fields. Recognizing the growing need for humanities publication support, the College of Arts and Sciences began to collaborate with the OHC in 2008-09 in funding subvention requests from CAS faculty.

The Oregon Humanities Center will continue to consider applications from humanities faculty who are outside CAS. All subvention funds (OHC and OHC/CAS collaborations) are administered by the OHC.

Definition of the Humanities
The term humanities as used here includes literature; philosophy; history; the study of languages; religious studies; ethics; the history, theory and criticism of the arts; and historical or interpretive aspects of the social and natural sciences and the professions.

To be eligible for OHC or OHC/CAS subvention funds, applicants must be UO faculty on tenure-related appointments in the humanities or related fields. Faculty in schools and colleges other than CAS (e.g., Music and Dance, AAA, Journalism, Law) are eligible to apply as long as the book project is humanistic in its focus.

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis by the Oregon Humanities Center. Only faculty authors with a signed book contract from an appropriate press are eligible to apply.

Funding Levels

  • In general, the highest priority will be given to projects where subvention funds are explicitly required for publication—that is, where the publisher’s contract requires an author subvention in order for the book to be published. Projects in this category are eligible for up to $1,500 in subvention support.
  • We will also consider, as a lower priority, cases where subvention is not an absolute requirement, but would in some way facilitate the publication of the work, or allow for the addition of essential material that would not otherwise be included. This category might include such things as indexing, the preparation of reference materials, or other optional materials such as images or maps that would enhance the book in some way. The applicant must provide a brief statement explaining how the additional material will significantly enhance the value and effectiveness of the book. Projects in this category are eligible for up to $1,000 in support.
  • If a faculty author receives contracts for two books within a single three-year period, and has applied for and received subvention support for the first volume, the author may apply for support for the second book at a lower funding level. The same criteria and documentation requirements apply to second requests. Second requests that fall into the first priority category will be funded at a maximum of $750. Second requests for second-priority projects will receive a maximum of $500.

The Oregon Humanities Center will review all applications, and will notify CAS of any projects that are approved and eligible for joint OHC/CAS funding. In cases involving CAS faculty, the CAS Dean’s Office and the OHC will each fund half, but the subvention will be administered by the OHC. Approved requests from faculty outside of CAS will be funded in full by the OHC.

Application Procedure
Faculty members wishing to receive a grant from the OHC or OHC/CAS Subvention Fund should e-mail a letter of request to Paul Peppis, Director of the Oregon Humanities Center (, with a copy to Jena Turner, Associate Director (, detailing:

  • title of the book
  • publisher and projected publication date
  • brief description of the book project and statement of its significance in the field
  • amount required by the publisher for subvention
  • dollar amount the faculty member is requesting
  • purpose for which the subvention funds will be used (permissions, photographs, plates, etc.)

Applicants must attach a copy of the signed contract (or relevant pages thereof) and a letter from the publisher documenting that a subvention of a specific amount is a required condition of publication, if that is the case.

Whenever possible, the OHC prefers to pay the publisher directly by invoice rather than reimburse individual faculty members for subvention related costs. Once a request for subvention has been approved, OHC staff will contact the faculty author to arrange for payment either to the publisher or the faculty member.

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Jena Turner, Associate Director, at or 346-1001.