Past fellows


Roy Chan, East Asian Languages and Literatures. “Sovereign Reorientations: Transnational Figurations and Global Forms in Modern Chinese and Russian Literatures” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Brent Dawson, English. “Worldly Muck: The Matter of Universality in English Renaissance Literature” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Maria Fernanda Escallón, Anthropology. “Excluded: Black Cultural Heritage and the Politics of Diversity in Colombia” VPRI Completion Fellowship
Alisa Freedman, EALL and Asian Studies. Remembering the Mothers of Japanese Studies: Chapter of a New Book on “Cold-War Co-Eds to Pioneering Professors: The Forgotten Study of Japanese Women Who Studied in the United States” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Sangita Gopal, Cinema Studies. “Dramedy Queen: Intermediality and Genre”
David M. Luebke, History. “Cohabitations: Sharing Churches after the Reformation” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Lindsey Anne Mazurek, History. “Embodying Isis: Egyptian Religion and the Negotiation of Greekness”
Nicolae Morar, Philosophy and Environmental Studies. “Individuals, Ecosystems, & Human Agency in Environmental Ethics”
Michael Malek Najjar, Theatre Arts. “Middle Eastern American Theatre” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Judith Raiskin, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. “Eugene Lesbian Oral History Project”
Stephen Rodgers, Music. “Twilight Tonality and Open Endings: Harmonic Ingenuity in the Songs of Fanny Hensel” VPRI Completion Fellowship

Diana Garvin, Romance Languages. RL 400 Fascism and Neo-Fascism (Spring 2020) Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
David Meek, International Studies. INT 199 Human Well-Being: Environment, Health, Education, Food (Spring 2020)
Fabienne Moore, Romance Languages. FR 460 Law and Empire of the Seas (Winter 2020) Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities

Marc Carpenter, History. “Memory and Erasure of Settler Violence in Early Oregon, 1848-1928”
Joshua Kerr, Philosophy. “The Hybris of Plants: Reinterpreting Philosophy Through Vegetal Life”
Jinsu Kim, East Asian Languages and Literatures. “Qi Monistic Vision in Late Imperial Chinese Literature”
Holly Roberts, Musicology. “Ecstatic Devotion: Musical Rapture and Erotic Death in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Iconography, Operas, and Oratorios”

Hayley Brazier, History. “The Seafloor and the Making of Modern North America”
Marie-Caroline Pons, Linguistics. “A Grammar of Chepang, a Tibeto-Burman Language Spoken in Nepal”
Javier Velasco, Romance Languages. “The Andean City: Spatial Interventions in Peru and Bolivia”


Leslie Alexander
, History. “‘The Cradle of Hope:’ Black Internationalism in the Aftermath of the Haitian Revolution” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Mayra Bottaro, Romance Languages. “Scrambled Messages: Telegraphic Poetics and the New Atlantic Language” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Cory Browning, Romance Languages. “Terror, the Order of the Day: The French Revolutionary Terror and its Restagings” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Joyce Suechun Cheng, History of Art and Architecture. “Spectacles of the Banal: Staging the Interior in Nabi Art and Fin-de-Siècle Theater”
Cecilia Enjuto Rangel, Romance Languages. “Through Children’s Eyes: Remembering a History of Wars and Dictatorships in Iberian and Latin American Film and Literature”
Melissa Graboyes, Clark Honors College. “A Century of Failures: History, Ethics, and Malaria in Zanzibar, 1900-2016”
Nathalie Hester, Romance Languages. “Inventing America in Baroque Italy: Columbus, Vespucci, and ‘New World’ Epic” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Lamia Karim, Anthropology. “After Work: Life in the Shadows of Capital in Bangladesh” VPRI Completion Fellowship
Vera Keller, Clark Honors College. “Cultures of Citation”
Jeffrey Schroeder, Religious Studies. “Make-Believe Buddhism: Jodo Shin Thought and Politics, 1888–1965” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Tze-Yin Teo, Comparative Literature. “Unfinished Translations in Twentieth Century Transpacific Literature”

Nicholas Kohler, Geography. GEOG 199: Hike, Bike, Skate, Ski, Surf—Geographies of Adventure Travel and Active Leisure (Spring 2019) Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities
Anne Kreps, Religious Studies. REL 4XX: New Religious Movements (Winter 2019) Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities
Daniel Gomez Steinhart, Cinema Studies. CINE 410: Videographic Study of Hollywood Film Style (Winter 2019)
Alejandro A. Vallega, Philosophy. PHIL 242: World Philosophies (Spring 2019) Wulf Professorship in the Humanities

April Anson, English. “Unfenceable Sovereignties: Unsettling Natures of Possession in Nineteenth-Century American Literature”
Katie Jo LaRiviere, English. “The Medieval Person: Concepts of Self and Personhood in Late Medieval English Literature”
Iida Pöllänen, Comparative Literature. “Transnational and Feminist Peripheries: Narratives of Countryside, Migration, and Community in American and Nordic Modernisms”
Miles Wilkinson, History. “Creating Confidentiality: Physician-Patient Privilege and Medical Confidentiality in the United States, 1776–1975”

Devin Fitzpatrick, Philosophy. “Ethics for the Depressed: On Experiences and Enhancement of Value”
Joshua Kerr, Philosophy. “The Hybris of Plants: Reinterpreting Philosophy through Vegetal Life”
Holly Roberts, Musicology. “Ecstatic Devotion: Musical Rapture and Erotic Death in Post-Tridentine Iconography, Opera, and Oratorios”


Nina Amstutz, History of Art and Architecture: Natural Bodies, Embodied Nature: Anthropomorphizing Friedrich’s Landscapes
Tara Fickle, English: Serious Play: Assimilating Games in Asian America. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Bryna Goodman, History: A Republic of Concubines: Governance and the Shadow of Polygamy in China. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Anne Kreps, Religious Studies: The Crucified Book: Sanctifying the Written Word from Valentinus to Constantine. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Lori Kruckenberg, Musicology/Ethnomusicology: Cantrix: Female Cantors in the German-Speaking Lands, 900-1475
Theresa May, Theatre Arts: Earth Matters on Stage: Ecodramaturgy and American Theatre
Sergio Rigoletto, Romance Languages/Cinema Studies: Neorealist stardom, Anna Magnani and the question of authenticity
Brett Rushforth, History: Discovering Empire: France and the Atlantic World from the Age of Exploration to the Age of Revolutions. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Biswarup Sen, School of Journalism and Communication: From Form to Format: Self-Assembly in Global Reality Television
David Wacks, Romance Languages: Spanish Crusader Fiction. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Peter Walker, Geography and Environmental Studies: Sagebrush Collaboration: How Harney County, Oregon, Chose Cooperation Over Conflict. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Ina Asim, History and Luke Habberstad, EALL/Religious Studies: HIST/EALL 410 Chinese Cities: Lived and Imagined. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Mai-Lin Cheng, Clark Honors College: HC 421 Reading Commonplaces. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Miriam Gershow, English: ENG 399 Living Writers. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Arafaat Valiani, History: HIST 4XX Social Movements and Markets in Global Perspective
Mary Wood, English and Kristin Yarris, International Studies: ENG/INTL 410/510 Mind, Madness, and Society: Schizophrenia Across Cultures and Genres. Wulf Teaching Professorship

Anna-Lisa Baumeister, Comparative Literature:1765-1785: Poetological Ecologies, Ecological Revolutions
Mariko Plescia, Romance Languages:Time, Justice and Documentary Film in Contemporary Latin America
Bonnie Sheehey, Philosophy:Reparative Critique: Temporality, Action, and Transformation in James, Foucault, and Latour
Joshua August Skorburg, Philosophy:Extended Virtues

Anna Cook, Philosophy: Settler Denial as an Epistemology of Ignorance
Sean Peterson, Musicology: Something Real: Rap, Resistance, and the Music of the Soulquarians
Miles Wilkinson, History: Medical Confidentiality and the Origins of Physician-Patient Privilege


Steven T. Brown, Comparative Literature: Resonant Evil: Studies in Asian Horror Cinema. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Lynn Fujiwara, Ethnic Studies: Survival and Queer Desire in Nora Okja Keller’s Comfort Woman. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Lanie Millar, Romance Languages: Disappointment in Cuban and Angolan Novels After Revolution. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Drew Nobile, Music: Form as Harmony in Rock Music
Jenifer Presto, Comparative Literature: Modernism and Catastrophe: Russian Writing Between Etna and Vesuvius. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Ben Saunders, English: Super-Bodies: Towards an Alternative History of a Genre. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Carol Silverman
, Anthropology: Appropriation, Hybridity and Race: Global Gypsy Theory. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Marian Smith
, Music: Reconstructing Ballet: from Manuscript to Stage
Mark Whalan, English: World War One, American Literature, and the Federal State. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Juan Eduardo Wolf, Music: Styling Blackness in Chile: Rethinking Music-Dance in the African Diaspora. VPRI Completion Fellowship

Bryna Goodman, History: HIST 410 Contested Histories: Mao and Maoism in China and the World
Maile S. Hutterer and Akiko Walley, History of Art and Architecture: ARH 410 Why we represent. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Nicolae Morar, Philosophy and Environmental Studies: PHIL 410 Clinical Ethics. Wulf Teaching Professorship
Alaí Reyes-Santos, Ethnic Studies: ES 199 Race, Ethics, and Justice
Daniel Rosenberg, Honors College: HC 431H History Studio/History Lab. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Carol Silverman, Anthropology: ANTH 210 Gypsies/Roma: Others/Selves. Wulf Teaching Professorship

Natalie Brenner, Romance Languages: Generating Geographies and Genealogies: Jewish Francophone Women Writing in the 20th Century
Russell J. Duvernoy, Philosophy: Feeling in Process: Alternative Empiricisms and Metaphysics in Whitehead and Deleuze
Hillary Maxson, History: Kakeibo Monogatari: Women’s Consumerism and the Postwar Japanese Kitchen

Nichelle Frank, History: Sanitizing History: Problems of Environmental Cleanup and Historic Preservation in Butte, Leadville, and Globe
Rebecca Hastings, History: The Oil Industry and Society in Azerbaijan, 1870-2015
Rachel Tanner, English: Negotiating the Brows: American Middlebrow Culture, 1915-1930


Boos (German and Scandinavian): From Mind to Brain/Amusia and Aphasia in Franz Grillparzer’s Poor Musician. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Lara Bovilsky (English): Almost Human: The Bounds of Personhood in Early Modern England. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Kirby Brown (English): Stoking the Fire: Nationhood in Early Twentieth Century Cherokee Writing. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Stephen Dueppen (Anthropology): Historical Ontologies and Human Experience: Human/Animal Relations in an Ancient West African Community.
Luke Habberstad (EALL and Religious Studies): Courtly Cultures and Politics of the Early Chinese Empires.
Johnson, Philosophy: Embodying Philosophy: Embodied Mind, Meaning, and Value (Winter 2016) Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Kate Mondloch (History of Art and Architecture): Eye Desire: New Media Art, Feminism, and Technoculture 1990-present (monograph).VPRI Completion Fellowship
Mark Quigley (English): Shadows of a Gunman: Reframing Postcolonial Cinematic Consciousness in The Informer. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Lynn Stephen (Anthropology): Writing Testimony and Expanding the Public Sphere: Elena Poniatowska in Mexico. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Mary E. Wood (English): Writing Displacement, Medicine, and Well-Being in the Age of Global Capitalism.

Kaufman (English) and John Russell (Libraries/Digital Scholars Center) ENG 451/551 Digital Humanities and the 19th-Century Atlantic World. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Colin Koopman
(Philosophy): PHIL 4xx Information Ethics. Wulf Teaching Professorship
Arafaat Valiani
(History): HIST 2xx Consumption in Urban South Asia.
Marsha Weisiger (History): HIST 199 History through Documentary Film. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Anna Kovalchuk, Comparative Literature: Creating the Cossack: A Comparative Study of Nation Formation in Ukranian and Russian Literature.
Brandon Rigby, Romance Languages: Polysemy of the Space Between: Self-translation in Contemporary Transatlantic Bilingual Poetry.
Xian Wang, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Flesh and Stone: Mystification and Demystification of Female Martyrdom in Chinese Literature, 1642-1966.

Eccleston, Comparative Literature: Princely Feminine Graces: Virtue and Power in Early Modern English and Spanish Literature
Joseph Griffin, English: Congruent Affinities: Reconsidering the Epideictic
Thomas Schmidt, SOJC: Re-Discovering Narrative: The Rise of Journalistic Storytelling in American Newspapers, 1969-2000
Alexandra Slave, Romance Languages: Painterly Writing and the Notion of Écriture Artiste, 1850-1900


Mark Alfano
, Philosophy: Nietzsche’s Socio-Moral Psychology. RIGE Completion Fellowship
Frederick Colby, Religious Studies: Spanish Muslim Visions of Heaven and Hell in the 13th Century CE. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Maram Epstein, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Orthodox Passions: Narratives of Filial Piety in Eighteenth-Century China. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Evlyn Gould, Romance Languages: Salons and Cénacles in Fin de siècle Paris. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Colin Koopman, Philosophy: Infopolitics: Transformation of the Public and the Private.
Katie Meehan, Geography: When the Rain Fall: Water Supply Alternatives in the Neoliberal Era. RIGE Completion Fellowship
Arafaat A. Valiani, History: Infrastructures of Consumption: The Arenas of Commerce Created by Urban Planning, Builders and Shopkeepers in Postcolonial Western India.
Gordon M. Sayre, English: Climate, Species, and Extinction in Early America. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Elizabeth Wheeler, English: HandiLand: Disability in U.S. Young Adult and Children’s Literature.
Kristin Yarris, International Studies: Absences, Remittances, and Moral Economies of Care in Nicaraguan Transnational Families. RIGE Completion Fellowship

Daniel Wojcik
, English: FLR 410/501 Visionary Experiences and Otherworldly Encounters: Traditions, Theories, and Contexts. Sherl K. Coleman and Margaret E. Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities

Matthew Nathan Hannah
, English: Networks of Modernism.
Erin Moberg, Romance Languages: Bridging a Critical Gap: An Inclusive Approach to Chicana Theater and Dramatists in the U.S.
Alan Preston Reynolds, Philosophy: Liberalism, Pluralism, and Property (Winter)
Mi Zhao,History: From Singing Girl to Revolutionary Artist: Reconstructing China’s Socialist Past in the Post-socialist Era (1945-Present).

Joshua Jacob Fitzgerald, History: Unholy Pedagogy: Catholic Instruction, Indigenous Intermediaries, and Lessons in Popular Colonial Education.
Hannah Godwin, English: American Modernism’s Gothic Children
Brandon Rigby,Romance Languages: Polysemy of the Space Between: Diaspora and Power Differentials in Transatlantic Self-translated Poetry


Lindsay Frederick Braun,
History: Imperial Geosophy: Geography, Imagination, and the African Arc of Meridian, 1869-1956.
Sangita Gopal, English: Two Takes on Modernity: Self-Reflexivity and North Indian Popular Cinema.
Gina Herrmann, Romance Languages: Jorge Semprun: Duty of the Witness, Task of the Writer. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Dong Hoon Kim, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Eclipsed Cinemas: Colonial Modernity and Film Cultures in Korea.
Karen McPherson, Romance Languages: Growing Old and Realizing Life in Marie-Claire Blais’s Soifs Cycle. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Dorothee Ostmeier, German and Scandinavian & Folklore: The Grimms’ Concept of Nature as Healing Fiction. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Priscilla Peña Ovalle, English: Hair/Style.
Steven Shankman, English & Classics: Turned Inside-Out: Reading the Russian Novel in Prison After Levinas. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Jenny Lin
, History of Art and Architecture: ARH 410/510 Contemporary Art amidst Globalization.
Kate Mondloch, History of Art and Architecture: ARH 410 In With the New: Global Currents in Contemporary Art and the Venice Biennal. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities

Mary Ganster, English: Imagining Revolutionary Spaces: Affect, Emotion, and Citizenship in 19th-Century Ethnic American Narrative.
Chet Lisiecki, Comparative Literature: “Was noch lebt, ist Traum”: The Roots and Resonances of Conservative Poetics in Late Weimar and Nazi Germany.
Aaron Rodriguez, Philosophy: The Significance of Aesthetic Experience for a Pragmatist Ethics.

Matthew Nathan Hannah
, English: Networks of Modernism
Lindsay Naylor, Geography: Everyday Autonomies: fair trade, subsistence and the practice of food sovereignty in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico
Qing Ye, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Aesthetic Beauty and Authentic Sentiment in the 18th century Chinese Domestic Novel Guwangyan (Preposterous Words)


Mark Carey
, Clark Honors College: Encounters with Ice: How Glaciers Shaped Society, Advanced Science & Captured our Imagination.
Matthew Dennis, History and Environmental Studies: American Relics: The Politics of Public Memory. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Gantt Gurley, German and Scandinavian: The Wandering Jew in Long Romanticism.
Katharina Loew, German and Scandinavian: Techo-Romanticism: Special Effects in German Silent Cinema.
Jeff Ostler, History: The Destruction and Survival of American Indian Nations, 1754-1900. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Michael Stern, German and Scandinavian: The Essential Gesture. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Courtney Thorsson, English: Revolutionary Recipes: Foodways and African American Literature. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies.
David Vazquez, English: Latina/o Literature and the Cross-Currents of U.S. Environmentalism.

Pedro García-Caro
, Romance Languages: SPAN 328 US Hispanic Literature: Herencia Cultural. Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Ben Saunders, English: ENG 280 Introduction to Comic Studies. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Daniel Wojcik, English: ENG 410/510 Apocalypse Now and Then: The End of the World in American Culture and Consciousness.

Meagan Evans,
English: Sounding Silence: 20th-Century American Experimental Feminist Poetics.
Linda Konnerth, Linguistics: Descriptive Grammar of Karbi.
Carrie Adkins, History: Women and the Transformation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 1870-1920.

Feather Crawford
, History: Settler Culture, Everyday Life, and Imperial Republicanism in the Florida Borderlands
Lucy Schultz, Philosophy: The Master and the Genius: East-West Perspectives on Art, Nature, and the Self
Shu Yang, EALL: The Shrew Is Back: Revisiting “New Woman” Image in Early-Twentieth-Century China


Bohls, Liz
(English): African Exploration and British Slavery: Mungo Park’s Coffle. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Garcia-Pabon, Leonardo (Romance Languages): Poetic Genesis of Bolivian National Subject.
Haskett, Robert (History): Nahuatl Documents and New Conquest History. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Kajikawa, Loren (Ethnomusicology and Musicology): Heavy Rotation: Sounding Race in Hip Hop and Rap Songs.
Laskaya, Anne (English): Caxton’s Mirrour of the World: A Scholarly Edition.
McNeeley, Ian (History): Wilhelm von Humboldt and the World of Languages.
Middlebrook, Leah (Comparative Literature and Romance Languages): On Muses and Mathesis. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Pratt, Scott (Philosophy): American Pluralism. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Wang, Yugen (East Asian Languages and Literatures): Hermeneutics and Emotion in Classical Chinese Poetry.

Enjuto Rangel, Cecilia
(Romance Languages): SPAN 407, Contemporary Poetics: Spain and Latin America Through Its Poets. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Goodman, Bryna, (History): HIST 410, What Opera Can Do For History: Nixon in China. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Koopman, Colin (Philosophy): PHIL 123, The Internet, Society & Philosophy. Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Meehan, Katharine (Geography): GEOG 410, Capital in the City: Reading Urban Difference on “The Wire”. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Miyao, Daisuke (East Asian Languages and Literatures): EALL 399, Transnational Asian Cinemas.
Moore, Fabienne (Romance Languages): FR 399, War in French Comics. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Reis, Elizabeth (Women’s and Gender Studies) and Wood, Mary (English): ENG 410, Introduction of Medical Humanities. Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Walley, Akiko (Art History): ARH 399, History of Manga.

Jason Jordan (Philosophy): Causal Skepticism and the Destruction of Antiquity
Christopher McGill (English): Figuring the Beast: The Aesthetics of Animality in American Literature, 1900-1979
Yu Zhang (East Asian Languages and Literatures): The Female Rewriting of Grand History: The tanci fiction Jing zhong zhuan (The Biography of Yue Fei)

Taylor Donnelly
(English): Vogue Diagnoses: Metaphors and Narratives of Madness in Twentieth-century American Literature
Emily Gilkey (History): Lover, Husband, Friend: Marriage and Infertility in Nineteenth-Century Lyon
Miwako Okigami (East Asian Languages and Literatures): Flowers in Utopia: Japanese Girls’ Gender Identities and Romantic Friendships in Girls’ Illustrated


Ford, Karen
, English: Ing Grish, Ang Grish, Um Grish: Forms and Identities in Avant-Garde Poetries. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Groppe, Alison, East Asian Languages and Literatures:  Not Made in China: Inventing Local Identities in Contemporary Malaysian Sinophone Fiction.
Moore, Fabienne, Romance Languages: Chateaubriand’s Lost Paradises: Discourse/Counter-Discourse on Colonialism (1791-1830).
Reyes-Santos, Irmary, Ethnic Studies: Intimate Economies: Imagining Caribbean Regional Integration.
Rodgers, Stephen, Music: Finding Her Voice: The Songs of Fanny Hensel.
Silverman, Carol, Anthropology: Global Gypsy: Patronage, Representation, and Appropriation in World Music. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Smith, Marian, Music: Hidden Balanchine: George Balanchine and Opera.
Wacks, David, Romance Languages: Hebrew Literature and Hispanic Culture. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Wojcik, Daniel, English and Folklore Studies: The Art of The Outsiders? Vernacular Traditions, Trauma & Therapeutic Creativity.

Sayre, Gordon, English/Folklore: FLR 399, Car Cultures. Coleman-GuitteauTeaching Professorship in the Humanities

Megan Benner
, English: Polite Fictions and Pious Frauds: Gift Exchange in Nineteenth-Century British Literature.
Gwendolyn Hyslop, Linguistics: A grammar of Kurtöp.
Colleen Anne Ahland, Linguistics: A Comparative Grammar of Gumuz.

Meagan Evans
, English: Sounding Silence: Innovations in Twentieth-Century American Women’s Poetry
Emma Jones, Philosophy: Sexual Difference as Relational Limit: Toward an Ethics of Interpersonal Communication
Luis Gonzalo Portugal Tarifa, Romance Languages: Baroque Poetics in Latin America’s Modernity


Eckerman, Christopher
, Classics: Panhellenic Landscapes: Greek Sanctuaries, Ideology, and Identity.
García-Caro, Pedro, Romance Languages: Between Socialism and Anarchism: Literatures of Mining and their Social Ecologies in Latin America, 1870-1935.
Goodman, Bryna, History: Minding the Market: Morality, Gender, and Economics in China.
Huhndorf, Shari, English: Indigeneity and the Politics of Space.
Lim, Susanna, Robert D. Clark Honors College: Revolution and the Yellow Peril: East Asia and the End of Empire in Russian Modernism. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies.
Luebke, David M., History: Hometown Religion: Conflict and Coexistence among the Christian Religions of Germany, 1553-1660.
Shoemaker, Stephen J., Religious Studies: The Earliest Life of the Virgin: The First English Translation from the Old Georgian.
Tolentino, Cynthia, English: Aberrant Empire: The Philippines, Puerto Rico, and the Idea of the Unincorporated Territory.

Bohannan, Brendan, Biology, and Toadvine, Ted, Philosophy: PHIL 410/510, The Philosophy of Biology—Knowledge of Nature and the Nature of Knowledge.Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Herman, Ellen, History: HIST 399, Sexual Science, Sexual Politics. Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Fracchia, Joseph, Robert D. Clark Honors College: HIST 4xx/5xx, Capital and the Culture of Quantity.Coleman-GuitteauTeaching Professorship in the Humanities
Unno, Mark T., Religious Studies: REL 407/507, The Bull in the China Shop: The Oxen at the Intersection of Nature, Society, and Religion. Coleman-GuitteauTeaching Professorship in the Humanities

Applauso, Nicolino, Romance Languages: Curses and Laughter: The Ethics of Political Invective in the Comic Poetry of High and Late Medieval Italy and Iberia.
Bargel, Antoine, Romance Languages: Between Socialist Realism and Testimony: Contradiction and Renewal in the Work of Jorge Semprún.
Furtado, Michael, History: Islands of Castile: The Sea and the Realm, 1248-1450.

Adams, Sarah LaChance, Philosophy: Charity is a Mother: The Nature of Nurture in Maternal Ethics.
Foust, Mathew, Philosophy: Loyalty to Loyalty: Josiah Royce and the Genuine Moral Life.
Hanan, Rachel, English: A World of Words: the physics of rhetoric in early modern England.