Past fellows


Leslie Alexander
, History. “‘The Cradle of Hope:’ Black Internationalism in the Aftermath of the Haitian Revolution” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Mayra Bottaro, Romance Languages. “Scrambled Messages: Telegraphic Poetics and the New Atlantic Language” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Cory Browning, Romance Languages. “Terror, the Order of the Day: The French Revolutionary Terror and its Restagings” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Joyce Suechun Cheng, History of Art and Architecture. “Spectacles of the Banal: Staging the Interior in Nabi Art and Fin-de-Siècle Theater”
Cecilia Enjuto Rangel, Romance Languages. “Through Children’s Eyes: Remembering a History of Wars and Dictatorships in Iberian and Latin American Film and Literature”
Melissa Graboyes, Clark Honors College. “A Century of Failures: History, Ethics, and Malaria in Zanzibar, 1900-2016”
Nathalie Hester, Romance Languages. “Inventing America in Baroque Italy: Columbus, Vespucci, and ‘New World’ Epic” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Lamia Karim, Anthropology. “After Work: Life in the Shadows of Capital in Bangladesh” VPRI Completion Fellowship
Vera Keller, Clark Honors College. “Cultures of Citation”
Jeffrey Schroeder, Religious Studies. “Make-Believe Buddhism: Jodo Shin Thought and Politics, 1888–1965” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Tze-Yin Teo, Comparative Literature. “Unfinished Translations in Twentieth Century Transpacific Literature”

Nicholas Kohler, Geography. GEOG 199: Hike, Bike, Skate, Ski, Surf—Geographies of Adventure Travel and Active Leisure (Spring 2019) Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities
Anne Kreps, Religious Studies. REL 4XX: New Religious Movements (Winter 2019) Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities
Daniel Gomez Steinhart, Cinema Studies. CINE 410: Videographic Study of Hollywood Film Style (Winter 2019)
Alejandro A. Vallega, Philosophy. PHIL 242: World Philosophies (Spring 2019) Wulf Professorship in the Humanities

April Anson, English. “Unfenceable Sovereignties: Unsettling Natures of Possession in Nineteenth-Century American Literature”
Katie Jo LaRiviere, English. “The Medieval Person: Concepts of Self and Personhood in Late Medieval English Literature”
Iida Pöllänen, Comparative Literature. “Transnational and Feminist Peripheries: Narratives of Countryside, Migration, and Community in American and Nordic Modernisms”
Miles Wilkinson, History. “Creating Confidentiality: Physician-Patient Privilege and Medical Confidentiality in the United States, 1776–1975”

Devin Fitzpatrick, Philosophy. “Ethics for the Depressed: On Experiences and Enhancement of Value”
Joshua Kerr, Philosophy. “The Hybris of Plants: Reinterpreting Philosophy through Vegetal Life”
Holly Roberts, Musicology. “Ecstatic Devotion: Musical Rapture and Erotic Death in Post-Tridentine Iconography, Opera, and Oratorios”


Nina Amstutz, History of Art and Architecture: Natural Bodies, Embodied Nature: Anthropomorphizing Friedrich’s Landscapes
Tara Fickle, English: Serious Play: Assimilating Games in Asian America. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Bryna Goodman, History: A Republic of Concubines: Governance and the Shadow of Polygamy in China. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Anne Kreps, Religious Studies: The Crucified Book: Sanctifying the Written Word from Valentinus to Constantine. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Lori Kruckenberg, Musicology/Ethnomusicology: Cantrix: Female Cantors in the German-Speaking Lands, 900-1475
Theresa May, Theatre Arts: Earth Matters on Stage: Ecodramaturgy and American Theatre
Sergio Rigoletto, Romance Languages/Cinema Studies: Neorealist stardom, Anna Magnani and the question of authenticity
Brett Rushforth, History: Discovering Empire: France and the Atlantic World from the Age of Exploration to the Age of Revolutions. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Biswarup Sen, School of Journalism and Communication: From Form to Format: Self-Assembly in Global Reality Television
David Wacks, Romance Languages: Spanish Crusader Fiction. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Peter Walker, Geography and Environmental Studies: Sagebrush Collaboration: How Harney County, Oregon, Chose Cooperation Over Conflict. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Ina Asim, History and Luke Habberstad, EALL/Religious Studies: HIST/EALL 410 Chinese Cities: Lived and Imagined. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Mai-Lin Cheng, Clark Honors College: HC 421 Reading Commonplaces. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Miriam Gershow, English: ENG 399 Living Writers. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Arafaat Valiani, History: HIST 4XX Social Movements and Markets in Global Perspective
Mary Wood, English and Kristin Yarris, International Studies: ENG/INTL 410/510 Mind, Madness, and Society: Schizophrenia Across Cultures and Genres. Wulf Teaching Professorship

Anna-Lisa Baumeister, Comparative Literature:1765-1785: Poetological Ecologies, Ecological Revolutions
Mariko Plescia, Romance Languages:Time, Justice and Documentary Film in Contemporary Latin America
Bonnie Sheehey, Philosophy:Reparative Critique: Temporality, Action, and Transformation in James, Foucault, and Latour
Joshua August Skorburg, Philosophy:Extended Virtues

Anna Cook, Philosophy: Settler Denial as an Epistemology of Ignorance
Sean Peterson, Musicology: Something Real: Rap, Resistance, and the Music of the Soulquarians
Miles Wilkinson, History: Medical Confidentiality and the Origins of Physician-Patient Privilege


Steven T. Brown, Comparative Literature: Resonant Evil: Studies in Asian Horror Cinema. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Lynn Fujiwara, Ethnic Studies: Survival and Queer Desire in Nora Okja Keller’s Comfort Woman. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Lanie Millar, Romance Languages: Disappointment in Cuban and Angolan Novels After Revolution. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Drew Nobile, Music: Form as Harmony in Rock Music
Jenifer Presto, Comparative Literature: Modernism and Catastrophe: Russian Writing Between Etna and Vesuvius. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Ben Saunders, English: Super-Bodies: Towards an Alternative History of a Genre. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Carol Silverman
, Anthropology: Appropriation, Hybridity and Race: Global Gypsy Theory. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Marian Smith
, Music: Reconstructing Ballet: from Manuscript to Stage
Mark Whalan, English: World War One, American Literature, and the Federal State. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Juan Eduardo Wolf, Music: Styling Blackness in Chile: Rethinking Music-Dance in the African Diaspora. VPRI Completion Fellowship

Bryna Goodman, History: HIST 410 Contested Histories: Mao and Maoism in China and the World
Maile S. Hutterer and Akiko Walley, History of Art and Architecture: ARH 410 Why we represent. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Nicolae Morar, Philosophy and Environmental Studies: PHIL 410 Clinical Ethics. Wulf Teaching Professorship
Alaí Reyes-Santos, Ethnic Studies: ES 199 Race, Ethics, and Justice
Daniel Rosenberg, Honors College: HC 431H History Studio/History Lab. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Carol Silverman, Anthropology: ANTH 210 Gypsies/Roma: Others/Selves. Wulf Teaching Professorship

Natalie Brenner, Romance Languages: Generating Geographies and Genealogies: Jewish Francophone Women Writing in the 20th Century
Russell J. Duvernoy, Philosophy: Feeling in Process: Alternative Empiricisms and Metaphysics in Whitehead and Deleuze
Hillary Maxson, History: Kakeibo Monogatari: Women’s Consumerism and the Postwar Japanese Kitchen

Nichelle Frank, History: Sanitizing History: Problems of Environmental Cleanup and Historic Preservation in Butte, Leadville, and Globe
Rebecca Hastings, History: The Oil Industry and Society in Azerbaijan, 1870-2015
Rachel Tanner, English: Negotiating the Brows: American Middlebrow Culture, 1915-1930


Boos (German and Scandinavian): From Mind to Brain/Amusia and Aphasia in Franz Grillparzer’s Poor Musician. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Lara Bovilsky (English): Almost Human: The Bounds of Personhood in Early Modern England. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Kirby Brown (English): Stoking the Fire: Nationhood in Early Twentieth Century Cherokee Writing. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Stephen Dueppen (Anthropology): Historical Ontologies and Human Experience: Human/Animal Relations in an Ancient West African Community.
Luke Habberstad (EALL and Religious Studies): Courtly Cultures and Politics of the Early Chinese Empires.
Johnson, Philosophy: Embodying Philosophy: Embodied Mind, Meaning, and Value (Winter 2016) Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Kate Mondloch (History of Art and Architecture): Eye Desire: New Media Art, Feminism, and Technoculture 1990-present (monograph).VPRI Completion Fellowship
Mark Quigley (English): Shadows of a Gunman: Reframing Postcolonial Cinematic Consciousness in The Informer. VPRI Completion Fellowship
Lynn Stephen (Anthropology): Writing Testimony and Expanding the Public Sphere: Elena Poniatowska in Mexico. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Mary E. Wood (English): Writing Displacement, Medicine, and Well-Being in the Age of Global Capitalism.

Kaufman (English) and John Russell (Libraries/Digital Scholars Center) ENG 451/551 Digital Humanities and the 19th-Century Atlantic World. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship
Colin Koopman
(Philosophy): PHIL 4xx Information Ethics. Wulf Teaching Professorship
Arafaat Valiani
(History): HIST 2xx Consumption in Urban South Asia.
Marsha Weisiger (History): HIST 199 History through Documentary Film. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Anna Kovalchuk, Comparative Literature: Creating the Cossack: A Comparative Study of Nation Formation in Ukranian and Russian Literature.
Brandon Rigby, Romance Languages: Polysemy of the Space Between: Self-translation in Contemporary Transatlantic Bilingual Poetry.
Xian Wang, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Flesh and Stone: Mystification and Demystification of Female Martyrdom in Chinese Literature, 1642-1966.

Eccleston, Comparative Literature: Princely Feminine Graces: Virtue and Power in Early Modern English and Spanish Literature
Joseph Griffin, English: Congruent Affinities: Reconsidering the Epideictic
Thomas Schmidt, SOJC: Re-Discovering Narrative: The Rise of Journalistic Storytelling in American Newspapers, 1969-2000
Alexandra Slave, Romance Languages: Painterly Writing and the Notion of Écriture Artiste, 1850-1900


Mark Alfano
, Philosophy: Nietzsche’s Socio-Moral Psychology. RIGE Completion Fellowship
Frederick Colby, Religious Studies: Spanish Muslim Visions of Heaven and Hell in the 13th Century CE. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Maram Epstein, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Orthodox Passions: Narratives of Filial Piety in Eighteenth-Century China. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Evlyn Gould, Romance Languages: Salons and Cénacles in Fin de siècle Paris. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Colin Koopman, Philosophy: Infopolitics: Transformation of the Public and the Private.
Katie Meehan, Geography: When the Rain Fall: Water Supply Alternatives in the Neoliberal Era. RIGE Completion Fellowship
Arafaat A. Valiani, History: Infrastructures of Consumption: The Arenas of Commerce Created by Urban Planning, Builders and Shopkeepers in Postcolonial Western India.
Gordon M. Sayre, English: Climate, Species, and Extinction in Early America. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Elizabeth Wheeler, English: HandiLand: Disability in U.S. Young Adult and Children’s Literature.
Kristin Yarris, International Studies: Absences, Remittances, and Moral Economies of Care in Nicaraguan Transnational Families. RIGE Completion Fellowship

Daniel Wojcik
, English: FLR 410/501 Visionary Experiences and Otherworldly Encounters: Traditions, Theories, and Contexts. Sherl K. Coleman and Margaret E. Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities

Matthew Nathan Hannah
, English: Networks of Modernism.
Erin Moberg, Romance Languages: Bridging a Critical Gap: An Inclusive Approach to Chicana Theater and Dramatists in the U.S.
Alan Preston Reynolds, Philosophy: Liberalism, Pluralism, and Property (Winter)
Mi Zhao,History: From Singing Girl to Revolutionary Artist: Reconstructing China’s Socialist Past in the Post-socialist Era (1945-Present).

Joshua Jacob Fitzgerald, History: Unholy Pedagogy: Catholic Instruction, Indigenous Intermediaries, and Lessons in Popular Colonial Education.
Hannah Godwin, English: American Modernism’s Gothic Children
Brandon Rigby,Romance Languages: Polysemy of the Space Between: Diaspora and Power Differentials in Transatlantic Self-translated Poetry


Lindsay Frederick Braun,
History: Imperial Geosophy: Geography, Imagination, and the African Arc of Meridian, 1869-1956.
Sangita Gopal, English: Two Takes on Modernity: Self-Reflexivity and North Indian Popular Cinema.
Gina Herrmann, Romance Languages: Jorge Semprun: Duty of the Witness, Task of the Writer. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Dong Hoon Kim, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Eclipsed Cinemas: Colonial Modernity and Film Cultures in Korea.
Karen McPherson, Romance Languages: Growing Old and Realizing Life in Marie-Claire Blais’s Soifs Cycle. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Dorothee Ostmeier, German and Scandinavian & Folklore: The Grimms’ Concept of Nature as Healing Fiction. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Priscilla Peña Ovalle, English: Hair/Style.
Steven Shankman, English & Classics: Turned Inside-Out: Reading the Russian Novel in Prison After Levinas. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Jenny Lin
, History of Art and Architecture: ARH 410/510 Contemporary Art amidst Globalization.
Kate Mondloch, History of Art and Architecture: ARH 410 In With the New: Global Currents in Contemporary Art and the Venice Biennal. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities

Mary Ganster, English: Imagining Revolutionary Spaces: Affect, Emotion, and Citizenship in 19th-Century Ethnic American Narrative.
Chet Lisiecki, Comparative Literature: “Was noch lebt, ist Traum”: The Roots and Resonances of Conservative Poetics in Late Weimar and Nazi Germany.
Aaron Rodriguez, Philosophy: The Significance of Aesthetic Experience for a Pragmatist Ethics.

Matthew Nathan Hannah
, English: Networks of Modernism
Lindsay Naylor, Geography: Everyday Autonomies: fair trade, subsistence and the practice of food sovereignty in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico
Qing Ye, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Aesthetic Beauty and Authentic Sentiment in the 18th century Chinese Domestic Novel Guwangyan (Preposterous Words)


Mark Carey
, Clark Honors College: Encounters with Ice: How Glaciers Shaped Society, Advanced Science & Captured our Imagination.
Matthew Dennis, History and Environmental Studies: American Relics: The Politics of Public Memory. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Gantt Gurley, German and Scandinavian: The Wandering Jew in Long Romanticism.
Katharina Loew, German and Scandinavian: Techo-Romanticism: Special Effects in German Silent Cinema.
Jeff Ostler, History: The Destruction and Survival of American Indian Nations, 1754-1900. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Michael Stern, German and Scandinavian: The Essential Gesture. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Courtney Thorsson, English: Revolutionary Recipes: Foodways and African American Literature. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies.
David Vazquez, English: Latina/o Literature and the Cross-Currents of U.S. Environmentalism.

Pedro García-Caro
, Romance Languages: SPAN 328 US Hispanic Literature: Herencia Cultural. Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Ben Saunders, English: ENG 280 Introduction to Comic Studies. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Daniel Wojcik, English: ENG 410/510 Apocalypse Now and Then: The End of the World in American Culture and Consciousness.

Meagan Evans,
English: Sounding Silence: 20th-Century American Experimental Feminist Poetics.
Linda Konnerth, Linguistics: Descriptive Grammar of Karbi.
Carrie Adkins, History: Women and the Transformation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 1870-1920.

Feather Crawford
, History: Settler Culture, Everyday Life, and Imperial Republicanism in the Florida Borderlands
Lucy Schultz, Philosophy: The Master and the Genius: East-West Perspectives on Art, Nature, and the Self
Shu Yang, EALL: The Shrew Is Back: Revisiting “New Woman” Image in Early-Twentieth-Century China


Bohls, Liz
(English): African Exploration and British Slavery: Mungo Park’s Coffle. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Garcia-Pabon, Leonardo (Romance Languages): Poetic Genesis of Bolivian National Subject.
Haskett, Robert (History): Nahuatl Documents and New Conquest History. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Kajikawa, Loren (Ethnomusicology and Musicology): Heavy Rotation: Sounding Race in Hip Hop and Rap Songs.
Laskaya, Anne (English): Caxton’s Mirrour of the World: A Scholarly Edition.
McNeeley, Ian (History): Wilhelm von Humboldt and the World of Languages.
Middlebrook, Leah (Comparative Literature and Romance Languages): On Muses and Mathesis. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Pratt, Scott (Philosophy): American Pluralism. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Wang, Yugen (East Asian Languages and Literatures): Hermeneutics and Emotion in Classical Chinese Poetry.

Enjuto Rangel, Cecilia
(Romance Languages): SPAN 407, Contemporary Poetics: Spain and Latin America Through Its Poets. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Goodman, Bryna, (History): HIST 410, What Opera Can Do For History: Nixon in China. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Koopman, Colin (Philosophy): PHIL 123, The Internet, Society & Philosophy. Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Meehan, Katharine (Geography): GEOG 410, Capital in the City: Reading Urban Difference on “The Wire”. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Miyao, Daisuke (East Asian Languages and Literatures): EALL 399, Transnational Asian Cinemas.
Moore, Fabienne (Romance Languages): FR 399, War in French Comics. Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship in the Humanities
Reis, Elizabeth (Women’s and Gender Studies) and Wood, Mary (English): ENG 410, Introduction of Medical Humanities. Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Walley, Akiko (Art History): ARH 399, History of Manga.

Jason Jordan (Philosophy): Causal Skepticism and the Destruction of Antiquity
Christopher McGill (English): Figuring the Beast: The Aesthetics of Animality in American Literature, 1900-1979
Yu Zhang (East Asian Languages and Literatures): The Female Rewriting of Grand History: The tanci fiction Jing zhong zhuan (The Biography of Yue Fei)

Taylor Donnelly
(English): Vogue Diagnoses: Metaphors and Narratives of Madness in Twentieth-century American Literature
Emily Gilkey (History): Lover, Husband, Friend: Marriage and Infertility in Nineteenth-Century Lyon
Miwako Okigami (East Asian Languages and Literatures): Flowers in Utopia: Japanese Girls’ Gender Identities and Romantic Friendships in Girls’ Illustrated


Ford, Karen
, English: Ing Grish, Ang Grish, Um Grish: Forms and Identities in Avant-Garde Poetries. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Groppe, Alison, East Asian Languages and Literatures:  Not Made in China: Inventing Local Identities in Contemporary Malaysian Sinophone Fiction.
Moore, Fabienne, Romance Languages: Chateaubriand’s Lost Paradises: Discourse/Counter-Discourse on Colonialism (1791-1830).
Reyes-Santos, Irmary, Ethnic Studies: Intimate Economies: Imagining Caribbean Regional Integration.
Rodgers, Stephen, Music: Finding Her Voice: The Songs of Fanny Hensel.
Silverman, Carol, Anthropology: Global Gypsy: Patronage, Representation, and Appropriation in World Music. Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship
Smith, Marian, Music: Hidden Balanchine: George Balanchine and Opera.
Wacks, David, Romance Languages: Hebrew Literature and Hispanic Culture. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Wojcik, Daniel, English and Folklore Studies: The Art of The Outsiders? Vernacular Traditions, Trauma & Therapeutic Creativity.

Sayre, Gordon, English/Folklore: FLR 399, Car Cultures. Coleman-GuitteauTeaching Professorship in the Humanities

Megan Benner
, English: Polite Fictions and Pious Frauds: Gift Exchange in Nineteenth-Century British Literature.
Gwendolyn Hyslop, Linguistics: A grammar of Kurtöp.
Colleen Anne Ahland, Linguistics: A Comparative Grammar of Gumuz.

Meagan Evans
, English: Sounding Silence: Innovations in Twentieth-Century American Women’s Poetry
Emma Jones, Philosophy: Sexual Difference as Relational Limit: Toward an Ethics of Interpersonal Communication
Luis Gonzalo Portugal Tarifa, Romance Languages: Baroque Poetics in Latin America’s Modernity


Eckerman, Christopher
, Classics: Panhellenic Landscapes: Greek Sanctuaries, Ideology, and Identity.
García-Caro, Pedro, Romance Languages: Between Socialism and Anarchism: Literatures of Mining and their Social Ecologies in Latin America, 1870-1935.
Goodman, Bryna, History: Minding the Market: Morality, Gender, and Economics in China.
Huhndorf, Shari, English: Indigeneity and the Politics of Space.
Lim, Susanna, Robert D. Clark Honors College: Revolution and the Yellow Peril: East Asia and the End of Empire in Russian Modernism. Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies.
Luebke, David M., History: Hometown Religion: Conflict and Coexistence among the Christian Religions of Germany, 1553-1660.
Shoemaker, Stephen J., Religious Studies: The Earliest Life of the Virgin: The First English Translation from the Old Georgian.
Tolentino, Cynthia, English: Aberrant Empire: The Philippines, Puerto Rico, and the Idea of the Unincorporated Territory.

Bohannan, Brendan, Biology, and Toadvine, Ted, Philosophy: PHIL 410/510, The Philosophy of Biology—Knowledge of Nature and the Nature of Knowledge.Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Herman, Ellen, History: HIST 399, Sexual Science, Sexual Politics. Wulf Professorship in the Humanities
Fracchia, Joseph, Robert D. Clark Honors College: HIST 4xx/5xx, Capital and the Culture of Quantity.Coleman-GuitteauTeaching Professorship in the Humanities
Unno, Mark T., Religious Studies: REL 407/507, The Bull in the China Shop: The Oxen at the Intersection of Nature, Society, and Religion. Coleman-GuitteauTeaching Professorship in the Humanities

Applauso, Nicolino, Romance Languages: Curses and Laughter: The Ethics of Political Invective in the Comic Poetry of High and Late Medieval Italy and Iberia.
Bargel, Antoine, Romance Languages: Between Socialist Realism and Testimony: Contradiction and Renewal in the Work of Jorge Semprún.
Furtado, Michael, History: Islands of Castile: The Sea and the Realm, 1248-1450.

Adams, Sarah LaChance, Philosophy: Charity is a Mother: The Nature of Nurture in Maternal Ethics.
Foust, Mathew, Philosophy: Loyalty to Loyalty: Josiah Royce and the Genuine Moral Life.
Hanan, Rachel, English: A World of Words: the physics of rhetoric in early modern England.