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Faculty Research Fellowships

The Oregon Humanities Center’s Faculty Research Fellowship program identifies, fosters, and promotes innovative and important humanities research produced by UO faculty. These fellowships are for UO tenure-track faculty only, and are awarded on a competitive basis. The 2019-20 Faculty Research Fellowship application is a downloadable form, found at the bottom of this page.

OHC Faculty Research Fellowships provide faculty a term free of teaching (i.e., a single course buy-out during the research term) to pursue research full-time as part of a community of scholars. Fellows share their research to the campus community in OHC Work-in-Progress talks as well as in off-campus public presentations. The OHC awards four types of Faculty Research Fellowships. All fellowship proposals are evaluated competitively as part of a single applicant pool, and all applicants will be considered for all fellowship types for which they are eligible. No additional application forms are necessary for the named fellowships.

Types of OHC Research Fellowships

Regular OHC Faculty Research Fellowships
Open to all tenure-related UO faculty conducting humanistic research.

Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowships
Awarded to senior humanities faculty. Recipients are Full Professors, or Associate Professors who have been in rank for five years or more at the time of application. The review panel will be notified as to which applicants are eligible to be considered for this award. As the name implies, these fellowships are sponsored by the Office of the Provost.

Ernest G. Moll Faculty Research Fellowship in Literary Studies
Awarded to the most outstanding proposal(s) in the field of literary studies. In addition to a term off from teaching, the Moll Fellowship provides recipients with $1,000 in research support to be used during the fellowship year.

The Ernest G. Moll Faculty Research Professorship in Literary Studies was established in 2003 with a generous gift from English Department alumna Maribeth W. Collins (BA 1940). Ms. Collins was a student of Ernest Gerry Moll, a UO English professor/poet who taught in the English Department from 1928 to1966. Moll played a significant role in the development of Collins’ life-long interest in poetry, and the two struck up a meaningful correspondence toward the end of his life.  Ms. Collins established this fellowship to honor the memory of her favorite professor.

VP for Research and Innovation (VPRI) Completion Awards
For faculty who will use the fellowship term to finish a project (article, book, book chapter, or edited volume) to be submitted for publication at the end of or immediately following the fellowship term. Applicants must indicate on their application form that they wish to be considered for this award, and should explicitly address their timeline and expected results in application sections 2.c and 2.d. Like all OHC research fellows, faculty who are awarded a VRPI Completion Award will be asked to report on their accomplishments following the fellowship term.

Faculty Research Fellowship FAQs

2019–20 Faculty Research Fellowship electronic application, guidelines, and instructions (downloadable form):

*NOTE: The new electronic application form has a formatting glitch, and applicants have been unable to preserve their formatting when pasting CVs and other components into the provided fields. This is the case for all applicants. The review panel will be notified that the issue is on the OHC side and not the applicants’. The OHC is aware of this problem and is working to correct it for future versions. In order to be fair to all applicants, we will not change the form in the middle of the submission window.