FAQ: Graduate Research Support Fellowships

I’m not sure if my project is “humanistic.”

Review the definition of “humanities” in the Graduate Research Support Fellowship Eligibility Guidelines, #1. If you are still unsure, check with your advisor. If you and your advisor are unsure of the eligibility of your project, contact Jena Turner and Paul Peppis, providing a description of your dissertation topic with your email. Please explain the basic humanistic ideas, problems, or questions to be explored.

What should I do if one of my approvers is unavailable by email? Can I get an extension?

You are responsible for communicating with your department head/dean and dissertation advisor in advance to obtain approvals and letter of support by the deadline. If one of your approvers will be traveling remotely or for some other reason unavailable by email, the approval of an acting dean/department head or other signatory designee will be accepted in lieu of that of your dean or department head.

Can I review successful applications from previous years?

We have a selection of successful applications that you may view at the Oregon Humanities Center. Please contact Melissa Gustafson by email or at (541) 346-3934 to make an appointment. You will not be permitted to photograph, make copies, or remove the application samples from the OHC.

I don’t see my question here.  Who should I contact?

Contact Jena Turner, (541) 346-1001.