FAQ: Dissertation Fellowships

Who is eligible to apply?

Full-time doctoral students who have been advanced to candidacy at the time of application and are conducting research for or writing an approved dissertation in a humanities-related field are eligible to apply. This fellowship is intended to be used for work on the dissertation. It may not be taken during the term in which the student plans to defend. Applicants must expect to complete the dissertation within one year of the fellowship term.

Can current or past Graduate Research Support fellows apply for a Dissertation Fellowship?

Yes. However, you may not apply for both a Dissertation Fellowship and a Graduate Research Support Fellowship in the same year.

I’m not sure if my project is “humanistic.”

First, check with your advisor. If you still are not sure, contact Jena Turner or Paul Peppis and provide a copy of your Abstract with your email.

What should I do if my dissertation advisor is out of the country? Can I get an extension?

No late applications will be accepted, and no extensions are possible.  However, if your dissertation advisor is unavailable to sign in person in time for you to submit your application by the deadline, we will accept temporary approval by e-mail if it is received on or before the regular deadline.  A hard copy of the fellowship proposal cover sheet with actual signature(s) must be submitted to the OHC as soon thereafter as possible.  If an acting dean/department head or other signatory designee has been appointed, their signature will be accepted in lieu of that of your dean or department head. The advisor’s letter of support can be submitted electronically, and is due by the application deadline.

Can I see a copy of a successful application from a previous year?

We have a selection of successful applications that you may view at the Oregon Humanities Center. Please contact Melissa Gustafson at melissag@uoregon.edu or (541) 346-3934 to make an appointment.  You will not be permitted to make copies or remove the application samples from the OHC.

Will this award affect my financial aid package?

Possibly. Federal regulations require students to notify the Financial Aid Office as soon as they know that they will receive any educational resources so that necessary revisions to their financial aid package can be made.  Such resources include a GTF position, fellowship, scholarship, or other type of monetary award.  Because receiving additional financial resources may reduce your financial aid reward, you should contact the Financial Aid Office prior to applying for this fellowship or other type of support.  Not all awards will reduce your eligibility.  You must contact http://financialaid.uoregon.edu/Reporting_Other_Resources or (541) 346-3221 for more information.

Will this award affect my summer tuition waiver?

The Dissertation Fellowship will not jeopardize your eligibility for a Summer Tuition Waiver because Dissertation Fellows are hired as Research GEs during the fellowship term. For details on the Summer Tuition Waiver (formerly known as the “summer sandwich”), see the Graduate School Website at https://gradschool.uoregon.edu/node/167.

How will the acceptance of this award affect my health insurance eligibility/coverage during the fellowship term?

All OHC Dissertation Fellows will receive health insurance coverage through the GTFF during their fellowship term. You will be responsible for paying 5% of your insurance premium for your health insurance coverage for the term. The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation collaborates with the Oregon Humanities Center on the Dissertation Fellowship to provide your tuition waiver and health insurance. If you are already covered though the GTFF health insurance plan, your insurance plan will continue uninterrupted during the fellowship term. If you are not a GE and/or did not previously have health insurance coverage through the GTFF, you will be contacted by the Graduate School prior to the fellowship term in order to set up coverage.

I don’t see my question here. Who should I contact?

Contact Jena Turner, (541) 346-1001.