Other funding opportunities

The Oregon Humanities Center (OHC) has bold ideas for the future of the humanities. Support a vibrant intellectual, teaching, and research community by giving to the OHC. Your gifts are vital to sustaining and advancing the humanities on and off campus.

New initiatives that the OHC is seeking funding for include:

Creating new faculty research fellowships. New endowment funds will support faculty as they conduct rigorous research that will transform into a book, article, or another scholarly publication or project. Faculty who receive an OHC research fellowship regularly say that the award helped fast-track them to promotion, which in turn aids the university’s scholarly profile.

Endowing a new interdisciplinary faculty research fellowship. A new competitive, collaborative faculty research fellowship program will provide two or more faculty members, ideally from different units, with a term off from teaching to collaborate on a single interdisciplinary research project.

Creating a new graduate fellowship endowment. Graduate students who are provided with a dedicated term off from teaching conduct research to support the completion of their dissertations. Graduate students who are able to complete their dissertations quickly have an increased likelihood of job placement ahead of their peers.

Creating a new faculty conference support fellowship endowment. A new competitive faculty conference support fellowship will provide one or two faculty members with administrative support and funding to host an academic conference at the UO that is focused around a pressing research area. Proposed conferences would involve visiting scholars, faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates from the UO, and include at least one event aimed at a broad, general audience.

Establishing a visiting scholar endowment. This program would bring leading humanities researchers from around the U.S. and the world to campus for residencies (of varying lengths) in order to share their research expertise and mentor UO faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates with related research interests. Visiting faculty are central to introducing new research, perspectives, and scholarship, and help build upon the UO’s strong intellectual community and public humanities opportunities.

Endow a digital humanities fund. Digital humanities (DH) explores ways in which we interact with the humanities through technology, whether by using software to research humanities work, storytelling through digital means, publishing research in an online journal, hosting a digital exhibit, or archiving humanities works digitally. The UO offers a DH minor, and students who have DH training are highly employable. This is a broad and exploding field, and COVID has only intensified the demand for DH scholarly work. New funding will support humanities and arts faculty, as well as students working in DH research. New funding can also help attract faculty to the UO who work in the DH field.

The OHC also has an aspirational fundraising initiative to permanently endow the OHC at a high level in order to permanently cover faculty and graduate student fellowships, new course development, research interest groups, publication support; administrative and operational costs; and increase the amount of scholarly and public programming that the OHC can currently support.

Margaret SavoianFor more information contact Margaret Savoian,
msavoian@uoregon.edu or (541) 346-2027.