2020–21 OHC Fellows

Faculty Research Fellows

Steven Beda, History: Strong Winds and Widow Makers: A History of Workers, Nature, and Environmental Conflict in Pacific Northwest Timber Country, 1900 to the Present 

Abigail Fine, Musicology: Sacred Traces: Composer-Saints and Their Devotees 

Gina Herrmann, Romance Languages: The Longest Resistance: Anti-Fascist Women between Franco and Hitler  VPRI Completion Fellowship

Julie Hessler, History: “The Afro-Asian Theme Matures,” chapter four of book manuscript, “The Soviet Afro-Asianists: Anti-Imperialism and the Soviet Intelligentsia” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship 

Jina Kim, EALL: Amplifying Voices: Auditory Texts in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945  Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Fabienne Moore, Romance Languages: The Formation of a Multicultural Mediterranean in Chateaubriand’s and Byron’s Works (Fall 2020) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies 

Johanna Bard Richlin, Anthropology: In the Hands of God: Evangelical Therapeutics and Migrant Faith among Brazilians in the U.S.  VPRI Completion Fellowship

Kristen Seaman, History of Art and Architecture: Art and Work in the Greek Sculpture Industry 

Daniel Gómez Steinhart, Cinema Studies: Cross-Border Hollywood: Film Politics, Production, and Style in Mexico 

Timothy J. Williams, Clark Honors College: Civil War Prisons and the Problem of Confederate Memory  Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies 

Teaching Fellows

Martha Bayless, English: FLR 2XX Games and Culture Regular OHC Teaching Fellowship

Luke Habberstad, EALL and Religious Studies and Kaori Idemaru, EALL: EALL 199 Writing in East Asian: From Graphs to GIFs Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities

Ryan Tucker Jones, History: HIST 415 Environmental History of the Pacific Ocean  Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities

Vera Keller, History: HIST 199 History of the Book  Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities

Beata Stawarska, Philosophy: PHIL 399 African Philosophies  Wulf Professorship in the Humanities

Dissertation Fellows

Tianna Bruno, Geography: Environmental Injustice and Black Sense of Place in the Biophysical and Social Afterlife of Slavery

Elio Garcia, English: The End of Modernity: Temporalities of Nation, Indigeneity, and the Anthropocene in the Contemporary Independent Cinema of the Philippines

Javier Velasco, Romance Languages: Cars, Trains, and Trolleys: Infrastructures of the Urban Space in the Andes (1900-1952)

Shuangting Xiong, East Asian Languages and Literatures: Revolutionary Melodrama: Tales of Family, Kinship, and the Nation of Modern China

Graduate Research Support Fellows

Nathaniel Otjen, Environmental Studies: Multispecies Memoir: Self, Genre, and Species Justice in Contemporary Culture

Rebekah Sinclair, Philosophy: Species Trouble: A Pluralist Problematization of the Discourse of Species

Yossa Vidal, Romance Languages: Memories of Betrayal and Betrayal of Memory: Narratives of Defeat in Chile and Argentina