Live stream of OHC lectures

Live streaming video is provided by the UO Libraries Center for Media and Educational Technology (CMET)

Live stream

For best viewing experience CMET recommends:

  • Always use a wired ethernet connection when possible as WiFi and Cellular playback are slower and less reliable.
  • A minimum of 5 Mbps download speed is required in order to sufficiently view the 720p live web streams without periodic buffering.(A 3G cellular network is too slow; you’ll need a 4G LTE connection to have an adequate download speed.)
  • Make sure to use the most current version of your preferred web browser, and browser plugins. If you are having trouble viewing a live web stream in your prefered web browser, we recommend trying the most updated version of another web browser.
  • Minimize the number of open browser tabs, and the number of open applications on your device.