2020–21 Graduate Research Support Fellows

Nathaniel Otjen, Environmental Studies: Multispecies Memoir: Self, Genre, and Species Justice in Contemporary Culture

Rebekah Sinclair, Philosophy: Species Trouble: A Pluralist Problematization of the Discourse of Species

Yosa Vidal, Romance Languages: Memories of Betrayal and Betrayal of Memory: Narratives of Defeat in Chile and Argentina

Alternates for Graduate Research Support Fellowships

Meredith Morgoch, School of Journalism and Communication: Pacific Northwest Stakeholder Early Earthquake Warning Messaging, Preparedness, and Mobile Application Usage

Lara Boyero, Romance Languages: Soy mujer, inmigrante y latina: An Intersectional Study of Linguistic Capital among Latina Women Immigrants in Oregon

Jordan Clementi, Romance Languages: Solidarity in the Master’s House: Affirmative Sabotage and the Global South (Working Title)