2020–21 Faculty Research Fellows

Faculty Research Fellows

Steven Beda, History: Strong Winds and Widow Makers: A History of Workers, Nature, and Environmental Conflict in Pacific Northwest Timber Country, 1900 to the Present (Spring 2021)

Abigail Fine, Musicology: Sacred Traces: Composer-Saints and Their Devotees (Spring 2021)

Gina Herrmann, Romance Languages: The Longest Resistance: Anti-Fascist Women between Franco and Hitler (Fall 2020) VPRI Completion Fellowship

Julie Hessler, History: “The Afro-Asian Theme Matures,” chapter four of book manuscript, “The Soviet Afro-Asianists: Anti-Imperialism and the Soviet Intelligentsia” (Winter 2021) Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship 

Jina Kim, EALL: Amplifying Voices: Auditory Texts in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945 ( Fall 2020) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Fabienne Moore, Romance Languages: The Formation of a Multicultural Mediterranean in Chateaubriand’s and Byron’s Works (Fall 2020) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies 

Johanna Bard Richlin, Anthropology: In the Hands of God: Evangelical Therapeutics and Migrant Faith among Brazilians in the U.S. (Fall 2020) VPRI Completion Fellowship

Kristen Seaman, History of Art and Architecture: Art and Work in the Greek Sculpture Industry (Fall 2020)

Daniel Gómez Steinhart, Cinema Studies: Cross-Border Hollywood: Film Politics, Production, and Style in Mexico (Spring 2021)

Timothy J. Williams, Clark Honors College: Civil War Prisons and the Problem of Confederate Memory (Spring 2021) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies 

Alternates for Faculty Research Fellowships

Maile Sophia Hutterer, History of Art and Architecture: Architecture in the Medieval Imagination

Drew Nobile, Music Theory: Voice and Narrative in Verse-Prechorus-Chorus Form

Kate Mondloch, History of Art and Architecture: Art of Attention: Body-Mind Awareness and Contemporary Art 

Diana Garvin, Romance Languages: The Bean in the Machine: Coffee and Caffes under Fascism