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The Robert F. and Evelyn Nelson Wulf
Professorship in the Humanities

You will need:
2017-18 Wulf Professorship application

2017-18 Teaching Fellowship application

Deadline: 10/31/16

The Wulf Professorship supports the development of new or substantially revised undergraduate courses that identify, examine carefully, and respond critically to ethical issues that confront individuals and society. Such issues might include but are not limited to:
• the structure and bases of human values
• the moral development of individuals
• the nature of character and integrity
• the appreciation of individual rights
• the nature of social responsibility

The Wulf Professorship seeks to promote open, critical examination of differing viewpoints and sets of values in an intellectually rigorous setting.

$4,000 Course Enrichment

The Wulf Professorship provides up to $4,000 for:
• curriculum development
• course enrichment
• guest speakers
• instructional materials
• classroom activities
• related research assistance
• other activities related to the approved course

$4,500 Summer Salary

Wulf Professors must devote a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks during the summer to course development. In returen they will receive $4,500 (plus OPE) in summer salary support.

Team-teaching Option
In the case of a team-taught course, both instructors will receive $4,500 (plus OPE) in summer salary for curriculum development. Team-taught courses are eligible for a single Wulf Professorship award of up to $4,000 in course enrichment funds.

For more information, plese contact Julia Heydon, Associate Director, at jheydon@uoregon.edu or (541) 346-1001.

The Wulf Professorship in the Humanities was established in 1993 through an endowment made to the Oregon Humanities Center former OHC Board of Visitors member Robert F. Wulf and Evelyn Nelson Wulf.