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UO Today, the Oregon Humanities Center’s half-hour television interview program, provides a glimpse into the heart of the University of Oregon. Each episode offers viewers a conversation with UO faculty and administrators as well as visiting scholars, authors, and artists whose groundbreaking work is shaping our world.

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Recent interviews

James Harper and Paul Peppis in the gallery with Barberini tapestries

James Harper, associate professor in the UO Department of the History of Art and Architecture, discusses "The Barberini Tapestries: Woven Monuments of Baroque Rome" exhibition. Harper, a specialist in 16th- and 17th-century Italian art, curated the exhibition. It is on view at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art through January 21st, 2018. Watch

Jayanth Banavar

Jayanth Banavar, Provost and Senior Vice-President, and professor of Physics at the University of Oregon. Topics Banavar discusses include his role as Provost, the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, and the UO's Presidential Initiative on Data Science. Banavar also talks about his research examining the geometry and scaling of living organisms, as well as the geometry and physics of proteins. Watch

Laura PUlido

Laura Pulido, UO professor of Ethnic Studies and Geography, discusses her research interests in critical human geography, political activism and social movements, environmental justice, Chicanix Studies, and Los Angeles. She also talks about how the disciplines of Ethnic Studies and Geography intersect. A self-described scholar activist, Pulido co-authored A People's Guide to Los Angeles—a "radical guidebook." Watch

Barbara MacCallum

Irish-born artist Barbara MacCallum discusses her exhibit of mixed-media sculptural work at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. "Barbara MacCallum: Appropriating Science" is on view through January 28, 2018. Watch

Maria Hinojosa

Journalist Maria Hinojosa, host of NPR's Latino USA, and president and CEO of Futuro Media Group. Hinojosa discusses her career and the importance of journalism for a functioning democracy. She also talks about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and the federal response to the hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico. As part of the 2017-18 "We the People" series the Oregon humanities Center presented "From the Front Lines: A Conversation with Maria Hinojosa" on October 5, 2017. Watch

Jose Antonio Vargas

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker, Jose Antonio Vargas, discusses his life and career as an undocumented immigrant. He also talks about the work of his non-profit organization Define American. Vargas was in residence as the Morse Chair at the UO's Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics in conjunction with the Center's 2017-19 them of inquiry, "Borders, Migration, and Belonging." Watch

Daisy-O'lice Williams

Daisy-O'lice Williams
, associate professor of Architecture, discusses her research on Architecture programs at historically black colleges and universities, the work of architect Paul Revere Williams, and a project called Freedom's Fortress which visualizes spaces associated with the Contraband Decision during the Civil War at Ft. Monroe, Virginia. Watch
Michael Schill

Michael Schill, president of the University of Oregon, speaks about the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact—detailing its importance to the UO, Eugene, and the State of Oregon. Schill explains how the establishment of the Knight Campus will lead to collaborative research among UO faculty and with colleagues at OHSU. Other topics discussed during the interview include: recent and imminent university leadership hires, the Institutional Hiring Plan, the Diversity Action Plan, free speech vs. safety on campus, the new Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Violence Complaint and Response Policy, and the impact of the recent decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Watch

Sarah Deer
, professor of Law at the University of Kansas School of Law. Deer discusses her work at the intersection of federal Indian law and victims' rights, and her book The Beginning and End of Rape: Confronting Sexual Violence in Native America. On June 9, 2017 Deer gave a talk at the UO's Many Nations Longhouse titled "The Non-Fiction Version of The Round House: A History of Sexual Violence in Indian Country." The university's 2017-18 Common Reading is Louise Erdrich's novel The Round House. Watch
Christopher Chávez

Christopher Chávez
, associate professor of Advertising and
Media Studies in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. He discusses the evolution of Latino media driven by changing demographics and economics. Chávez also talks about his research on the programming and funding of public media such as NPR and PBS. His monograph is titled Reinventing the Latino Television Viewer: Language, Ideology, and Practice. Watch
Peter Onuf and Annette Gordon-Reed

Annette Gordon-Reed
, the Charles Warren Professor of American Legal History at Harvard Law School, and Peter Onuf, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor (emeritus) at the University of Virginia. The two scholars of Thomas Jefferson discuss his complex private life centered at his plantation in Virginia. They consider Jefferson's role as a slave holder while he espoused opposing views on slavery as an institution. Gordon-Reed won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize in History for The Hemmingses of Monticello: An American Family. They gave a talk "Most Blessed of the Patriarchs: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination" on April 21, 2017 as the 2016-17 O'Fallon Lecturers in Law and American Culture. Watch
Drew Nobile

Drew Nobile
, assistant professor of Music Theory at the University of Oregon, discusses his research on issues of form and harmony in classic rock music. He demonstrates several examples of chord progressions that are utilized by various genres of pop and rock songs. Nobile was an OHC Faculty Research Fellow during Fall 2016 when he worked on his book Form as Harmony in Rock Music. Watch
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