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Frequently Asked Questions About Teaching Fellowships

Can I apply for both a research fellowship and a teaching fellowship in the same year?

Yes, faculty can apply for both the Teaching and the Research fellowships in the same year, assuming they meet the eligibility criteria for each fellowship. If awarded both fellowships, faculty can take both.

Please note that faculty may not apply for both a Wulf and a Coleman-Guitteau fellowship.

Can I apply for both the $1,000 course enrichment supplement and a Wulf or Coleman-Guitteau Professorship?

Yes, you can apply for both, but you will only receive one or the other. You need to provide estimated budgets for each if you are applying for both.

Must both applicants for a Team Teaching Fellowship meet the minimum qualifications (i.e. tenure related, or NTTF who has been at .50 or more for at least three years at the time of application)?


If I have recently had an OHC Research or Teaching fellowship, how long must I wait before applying again for a Teaching Fellowship?

You can apply for a Teaching Fellowship each year. There is currently no waiting period for reapplying.

The fillable fields in the cover sheet pdf are not active on my internet browser. What should I do?

Download the form and then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The form fields will be active.

How many copies of my application should I turn in?

7 total: Your original plus 6 complete, collated and stapled copies of the entire packet (cover sheet, all application materials and c.v.).

Where do I turn in my application?

All applications should be submitted directly to the OHC office, 154 PLC Hall. (CAS faculty are no longer required to submit their applications to the CAS Dean’s Office.)

Is the application deadline the same for everyone?

Yes. All applications are due at the OHC on the date indicated on the fellowship application materials. (CAS faculty no longer need to turn in their applications early.)

Which signatures do I need on my cover sheet?

All non-CAS faculty must obtain signatures from both their department head and dean on their cover sheet. CAS faculty need only obtain their department head’s signature on their cover sheet. (CAS faculty no longer need to obtain a dean’s signature. This is a new policy which applies to CAS faculty only.)

I’m not sure if my project is “humanistic.”

Contact Jena Turner, Associate Director, at or 346-1001.

What do I do if my dean/department head is out of the country? Can I get an extension?

No late applications will be accepted, and no extensions are possible.  However, if your dean or department head is unavailable to sign in person in time for you to submit your application by the deadline, we will accept temporary approval by e-mail if it is received on or before the regular deadline. A hard copy of the fellowship proposal cover sheet with actual signature(s) must be submitted to the OHC as soon thereafter as possible.  If an acting dean/department head or other signatory designee has been appointed, their signature will be accepted in lieu of that of your dean or department head.

I am applying for a team teaching fellowship and a Coleman-Guitteau or Wulf Professorship with another faculty member. What materials do we need to submit?

Each application packet should include, in addition to the syllabus and proposal narrative, a separate cover sheet and c.v. for each applicant, and one Coleman-Guitteau or Wulf Professorship application.

How long should my Coleman-Guitteau or Wulf Professorship Proposal Statement be?

Limit your statement to the space on the form.

I have had an OHC Research Fellowship within the past three years. Am I eligible now to apply for a Teaching Fellowship?

Yes. The three-year waiting period applies to Research Fellowships only. The Research and Teaching fellowship programs do not conflict. You can apply for both in the same academic year.

May I teach Summer Session if I have been awarded an OHC Teaching Fellowship for the following AY?

Yes, as long as you devote a minimum of four consecutive weeks to course development during the summer preceding the academic year in which the course will be taught.

Can I hold a faculty Summer Research Award if I have an OHC Teaching Fellowship for the following year?

Yes, as long as you devote no more than 8 weeks during the summer to the research project, and a minimum of four consecutive weeks to course development during the summer preceding the academic year in which the course will be taught.

Can I see a copy of a successful application from a previous year?

We have a selection of successful applications that you may view at the Oregon Humanities Center. Please contact Melissa Gustafson at (541) 346-3934 to make an appointment.  You will not be permitted to make copies or remove the application samples from the OHC.

I don’t see my question here.  Who should I contact?'

Contact Jena Turner, Associate Director, at or 346-1001.



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