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OHC Teaching Fellowships

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2018–19 Teaching Fellowship application

Deadline: 10/30/17

Oregon Humanities Center (OHC) Teaching Fellowships provide faculty members with summer support to develop a new undergraduate humanities course or substantially redesign an existing one. Faculty may apply individually or in collaboration with another faculty member. The course will be listed in the instructor’s home department(s). Proposed courses may be of any size, and they may be introductory or advanced. While courses developed under the OHC Teaching Fellowship program must be primarily intended for undergraduate students, they may also be open to graduate students. It is desirable that courses developed through the OHC Teaching Fellowship program be repeated.

$4,500 Summer Salary

OHC Teaching Fellowships provide $4,500 (plus OPE) in summer wages (up from $3,000) paid directly to the faculty member during the summer prior to the academic year in which the course will be offered. Summer wages are normally paid in one lump sum in July. In the case of collaborative applications, each faculty member will receive $4,500 plus OPE in summer pay.

Course Enrichment Funds

Teaching Fellowships can provide additional funding of up to $1,000 for course enrichment (e.g., for visiting lecturers, films, course materials, etc.). This funding must be explicitly requested at the time of application. Applicants seeking these funds must provide a brief statement of purpose and include a proposed budget as part of the fellowship application. The additional course enrichment funds may not be taken as salary. Course enrichment funds must be used by the last day of the term in which the course is taught. Course enrichment funds are awarded per course; they are not augmented in the case of collaborative or team-taught courses.

Wulf and Coleman-Guitteau Options
In lieu of regular course enrichment funds, faculty may in some cases be eligible to apply for up to $4,000 in enrichment funds through the Center’s Wulf Professorship or the Coleman-Guitteau Professorship.

The Wulf and Coleman-Guitteau professorships are awarded on a competitive basis to successful OHC Teaching Fellowship applicants who can demonstrate that their course meets the criteria of the professorship for which they are applying. A faculty member who wishes to be considered for a Wulf or Coleman-Guitteau Professorship must attach to the Teaching Fellowship application the corresponding professorship application form. Applicants may apply for only one professorship.

Please note:

  • Applicants may apply for only one professorship—Wulf or Coleman-Guitteau.
  • If a Wulf or Coleman-Guitteau Professorship is awarded, the applicant will receive up to $4,000 in course enrichment funds but will not receive the $1,000 associated with a regular teaching fellowship.
  • If a Wulf or Coleman-Guitteau Professorship is not awarded, the applicant will still be eligible for standard course enrichment funds, if requested in the Teaching Fellowship Application.




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