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Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

The goals of OHC Research Interest Groups include:

  • facilitating collaborative research and inquiry
  • creating support groups that can assist members in preparing and submitting grant proposals
  • building better connections between scholars and community activists
  • creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion among scholars

If you are part of a UO-based group of scholars who share an intellectual focus, the Oregon Humanities Center (OHC) can help support your efforts by providing your group with up to $1,000 per year for a maximum of two years. RIGs can include graduate students and community members. The OHC is able to fund up to three RIGs per year. Funding may be used for your group’s meetings and/or for other related activities, such as hosting an off-campus visitor to speak to your group.

For more information see the RIG guidelines. For answers to questions not covered in the guidelines, contact Julia Heydon (541) 346-1001.

Current RIGs:


Digital Humanities Working Group

In concert with the developing minor in Digital Humanities (to be housed in the English department, the Digital Humanities Working Group meets regularly to discuss new tools, theories, and methodologies related to this thriving academic field. DH offers new conceptual tools for analyzing cultural texts and innovative strategies for exploring the humanities in the classroom. Our working group signifies the beginning of a larger initiative at UO to develop new undergraduate and graduate DH courses, foster graduate research, prepare faculty for work using computing methods and digital tools/platforms, and build a DH community across campus.

The Digital Humanities Working Group provides an entry point for faculty and graduate students who are interested in learning about digital tools for scholarship and pedagogy. The RIG provides a space for scholars from across the humanities to share their ideas, collaborate on research solutions, and discuss pedagogical innovations. Please see the DH website to learn more about our progress or to sign up for weekly blog posts.

Oregon Rare Books Initiative

Founded in 2013, the Oregon Rare Books Initiative (ORBI) seeks to publicize the wonderful early print and manuscript collections of Knight Library at UO, to encourage their use in the classroom, and to stimulate an intellectual community gathered around the history of the book.

ORBI seeks to draw particular attention to the many early volumes not currently listed in the UO online catalogue. Finding ways to facilitate the complete cataloging of the collection will be an important step towards making it available for use. These untapped riches complement the catalogued holdings and offer an outstanding resource for teaching and research that could not be duplicated today even were money no object. In an age of austerity, library budget cuts, and diminishing resources for the humanities, ORBI seeks to develop a new area of excellence within the University’s core academic mission by drawing on this preexisting but inaccessible resource.



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