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O'Fallon Lecturers

Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter Onuf 2016–17
Annette Gordon-Reed, American Legal History, Harvard Law School, and Peter Onuf, Early American History (emeritus), University of Virginia. "Most Blessed of the Patriarchs" Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination on April 21, 2017. Part of the Humanities series.
Deb Willis 2016–17
Deborah Willis
, University Professor and Chair of the Department of Photography & Imaging at the Tisch School of the Arts, and an affiliated faculty member of Africana Studies in the Department of Social & Cultural Analysis at New York University. "Visualizing the Black Body in Photography and Popular Culture." Part of the Humanities series.
Hendrik Hartog 2015-16
Hendrik Hartog,
History of American Law and Liberty, Princeton Universtiy. "Justice and Dilemmas of Gradual Emancipation: A Case of Arson in 1815" April 21, 2016. Part of the Justice series.
Maya Lin 2014–15
Maya Lin
, artist and designer. Lecture video. Part of the connection series.
Kenji Yoshino 2013-14
Kenji Yoshino
, Law, New York University. "The Choice of the Three Caskets: Law, Equity, and Mercy in The Merchant of Venice." April 11, 2014. Part of the vulnerable series.
Linda Chapman 2011-12
Linda Chapman
, director, Art Therapy Institute of the Redwoods. "The Neurobiology of Violence and Healing with Art Therapy." April 12, 2012. Part of the Conflict series.
Willima Forbath 2010-11
William Forbath
, Lloyd M. Bentsen Chair in Law, University of Texas at Austin. "Human Rights: The Socialism of the 21st Century?" Part of the Sustenance series.
Suzanne Moore 2009-10
Suzanne Moore, painter and lettering artist. "MANUScript: Historical Roots of the Modern Manuscript Book" Part of the "Year of the Book" series.
Lawrence Joseph 2008-09.
Lawrence Joseph, poet, essayist, critic, and professor of Law at St. John’s University School of Law. “Being in the Language of Poetry, Being in the Language of Law
Henry Jenkins 2007-08
Henry Jenkins, MIT Comparative Media Studies. “Talking Snowmen, Moose Stew, and the 3 a.m. Girl: New Media, Popular Culture, and American Politics 2008
Michael Sorkin 2006-07
Michael Sorkin, architect and architectural critic. "Back to Zero"
Richard Thompson Ford 2005-06
Richard Thompson Ford, George E. Osborne Professor of Law, Stanford Law School. "Racial Culture: A Critique"
Lucy Lippard 2004-05
Lucy Lippard, feminist art and cultural critic and author. "Red Roadsides"
Leon Johnson 2003-04
Leon Johnson, professor of art, University of Oregon. “Faust/Faustus in Deptford”
Avi Soifer 2002-03
Avi Soifer, professor of law, Boston College Law School. “Disliking Like Cases: Has Formal Equality Become a Solemn Mockery?”
Theodore Wolff 2001-02
Theodore Wolff, art critic. “Morris Graves: Longing and Reconciliation”
Frank I Michelman 2000-01
Frank I. Michelman, Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard Law School. “Machiavelli in Robes? The Court in the Election”


Barbara Allen Babcock 1999-2000
Barbara Allen Babcock, Judge John Crown Professor of Law, Stanford Law School. “Inventing the Public Defender”
James Lavadour 1998-99
James Lavadour, painter, and founder of Crow’s Shadow Institute. “Painting as a Transfiguration of Nature”
Martha Nussbaum 1997-98
Martha Nussbaum, Ernst Freund Professor of Law and Ethics, University of Chicago. “International Feminism: The Role of Religion”
Betty LaDuke 1996-97
Betty LaDuke, painter, Southern Oregon State College. “An Artist’s Journey: From the Bronx to Timbuktu”
Marth Minow 1995-96    
Martha Minow, fellow, Ethics and the Professions, Harvard University. “Not Only for Myself: Identity, Politics, and Law”
Suzi Gablik 1994-95
Suzi Gablik, painter, art critic. “Connective Aesthetics: Art Beyond Individualism”
Margaret Jane Radin 1993-94    
Margaret Jane Radin, Law, Stanford University. “Reconsidering Personhood”
Arthur Danto 1992-93
Arthur C. Danto, Johnsonian Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Columbia University. “Philosophizing American Art”
Thomas Grey 1991-92
Thomas C. Grey, Stanford Law School. “Pragmatist Democracy: Holmes and Dewey”
O'Gorman book 1990-91
James F. O’Gorman, Wellesley College. “H.H. Richardson: Architectural Forms for an American Society”
Milner S. Ball 1989-90
Milner S. Ball, University of Georgia. ”Death and Life in American Law”
James Dennis, University of Wisconsin. “Regionalism Transgressed: The Place-Related Thingness of William Carlos Williams as painted by Sheeler, Demuth, and Hartley”
Ronald Dworkin 1987-88    
Ronald Dworkin, Oxford University; New York University.
“Foundations of Liberal Equality”
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