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Oregon Humanities Center announces 2018–19 graduate fellows

Dissertation Fellows

April Anson, English: "Unfenceable Sovereignties: Unsettling Natures of Possession in Nineteenth-Century American Literature" 

Katie Jo LaRiviere, English: “The Medieval Person: Concepts of Self and Personhood in Late Medieval English Literature”

Iida Pöllänen, Comparative Literature: “Transnational and Feminist Peripheries: Narratives of Countryside, Migration, and Community in American and Nordic Modernisms”

Miles Wilkinson, History: “Creating Confidentiality: Physician-Patient Privilege and Medical Confidentiality in the United States, 1776–1975”

Graduate Research Support Fellows

Devin Fitzpatrick, Philosophy: “Ethics for the Depressed: On Experiences and Enhancement of Value”

Joshua Kerr, Philosophy: “The Hybris of Plants: Reinterpreting Philosophy through Vegetal Life”

Holly Roberts, Musicology: “Ecstatic Devotion: Musical Rapture and Erotic Death in Post-Tridentine Iconography, Opera, and Oratorios”

Oregon Humanities Center announces 2018–19 faculty fellows

Research Fellows

Leslie Alexander, History. “‘The Cradle of Hope:’ Black Internationalism in the Aftermath of the Haitian Revolution” (Fall 2018) Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Mayra Bottaro, Romance Languages. “Scrambled Messages: Telegraphic Poetics and the New Atlantic Language” (Fall 2018) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Cory Browning, Romance Languages. “Terror, the Order of the Day: The French Revolutionary Terror and its Restagings” (Fall 2018) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Joyce Suechun Cheng, History of Art and Architecture. “Spectacles of the Banal: Staging the Interior in Nabi Art and Fin-de-Siècle Theater” (Fall 2018)

Cecilia Enjuto Rangel, Romance Languages. “Through Children's Eyes: Remembering a History of Wars and Dictatorships in Iberian and Latin American Film and Literature” (Fall 2018)

Melissa Graboyes, Clark Honors College. “A Century of Failures: History, Ethics, and Malaria in Zanzibar, 1900-2016” (Fall 2018)

Nathalie Hester, Romance Languages. “Inventing America in Baroque Italy: Columbus, Vespucci, and ‘New World’ Epic” (Spring 2019) Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Lamia Karim, Anthropology. “After Work: Life in the Shadows of Capital in Bangladesh” (Fall 2018) VPRI Completion Fellowship

Vera Keller, Clark Honors College. “Cultures of Citation” (Spring 2019)

Tze-Yin Teo, Comparative Literature. “Unfinished Translations in Twentieth Century Transpacific Literature” (Winter 2019)

Courtney Thorsson, English. “The Sisterhood, 1977–78” (Fall 2018) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Stephen Rodgers, Music. “Twilight Tonality and Open Endings: Harmonic Ingenuity in the Songs of Fanny Hensel”
Jeffrey Schroeder, Religious Studies. “Make-Believe Buddhism: Jodo Shin Thought and Politics, 1888–1965”
Sarah Wald, Environmental Studies and English. “Nature's Democracy? Equity & Environmental Justice on Public Lands”
Julie Hessler, History. “Friendship House: Anti-Imperial Solidarity in Soviet Culture, 1955–1980”

Teaching Fellows

Nicholas Kohler, Geography. GEOG 199: Hike, Bike, Skate, Ski, Surf—Geographies of Adventure Travel and Active Leisure (Spring 2019) Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities

Anne Kreps, Religious Studies. REL 4XX: New Religious Movements (Winter 2019) Coleman-Guitteau Professorship in the Humanities

Daniel Gomez Steinhart, Cinema Studies. CINE 399: Videographic Study of Hollywood Film Style (Winter 2019)

Alejandro A. Vallega, Philosophy. PHIL 242: World Philosophies (Spring 2019) Wulf Professorship in the Humanities

2018 Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellows

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, the Division of Undergraduate Studies, and the OHC are pleased to announce this year’s cohort of Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellows (HURF).

Becca Marshall, Environmental Studies. “Managing for Mushrooms? Commercial Wild Mushroom Harvesting in the Willamette National Forest.” Faculty mentor: Kathryn Lynch

Jacqueline Huaman, Japanese and Asian Studies. “Japanese Gendered Language and the Ideal Female Romantic Partner.” Faculty mentor: Kaori Idemaru

Margaret Rodgers, Journalism and Media Studies. “The Anti-Heroine: An Emergent Television Character Trope.” Faculty mentor: Erin Hanna

Matthew Stephens, Environmental Studies. “Examining Personhood and Environmental Policy: Determining the Benefits and Risks of Granting Legal Rights to Non-Human Entities.” Faculty mentor: Steven Brence

Samuel Beeker, English and Comparative Literature. “Philosophy, Politics, and Paranoia: Pynchon and the Construction of the Postmodern Subject.” Faculty mentor: Brendan O’Kelly

Sarah Hovet, English and Journalism. “Sense of Place in Contemporary Female American Poets: Indigenous and Immigrant Voices.” Faculty mentor: Corbett Upton

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