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2017–18 Advisory Board

Michael Allan

Michael Allan, Comparative Literature

Sonja Boos

Sonja Boos, German and Scandiavian

Lara Bovilsky

Lara Bovilsky, English

Stephen Dueppen

Stephen Dueppen, Anthropology

Maram Epstein

Maram Epstein, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Colin Koopman

Colin Koopman, Philosophy

Joe Lowndes

Joe Lowndes, Political Science

Katie Meehan

Katie Meehan, Geography

Kate Mondloch

Kate Mondloch, History of Art and Architecture

Fabienne Moore

Fabienne Moore, Romance Languages

Priscilla Ovalle

Priscilla Ovalle, Cinema Studies

Alai Reyes-Santos

Alaí Reyes-Santos, Ethnic Studies

Daniel Rosenberg

Daniel Rosenberg, Clark Honors College

Gordon Sayre

Gordon Sayre, English

Mark Whalan

Mark Whalan, English

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