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2017–18 Fellows

Faculty Research Fellows

Nina Amstutz

Nina Amstutz, History of Art and Architecture: “Natural Bodies, Embodied Nature: Anthropomorphizing Friedrich's Landscapes”

Tara Fickle

Tara Fickle, English: “Serious Play: Assimilating Games in Asian America” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Bryna Goodman

Bryna Goodman, History: “A Republic of Concubines: Governance and the Shadow of Polygamy in China” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Anne Kreps

Anne Kreps, Religious Studies: “The Crucified Book: Sanctifying the Written Word from Valentinus to Constantine” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Lori Kruckenberg

Lori Kruckenberg, Musicology/Ethnomusicology: “Cantrix: Female Cantors in the German-Speaking Lands, 900–1475”

Theresa May

Theresa May, Theatre Arts: “Earth Matters on Stage: Ecodramaturgy and American Theatre”

Sergio Rigoletto

Sergio Rigoletto, Romance Languages/Cinema Studies: “Neorealist stardom, Anna Magnani and the question of authenticity”

Brett Rushforth

Brett Rushforth, History: “Discovering Empire: France and the Atlantic World from the Age of Exploration to the Age of Revolutions” VPRI Completion Fellowship

Bish Sen

Biswarup Sen, School of Journalism and Communication: “From Form to Format: Self-Assembly in Global Reality Television”

David Wacks

David Wacks, Romance Languages: “Spanish Crusader Fiction” Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Peter Walker

Peter Walker, Geography and Environmental Studies: “Sagebrush Collaboration: How Harney County, Oregon, Chose Cooperation Over Conflict” Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship


Faculty Teaching Fellows

Luke Habberstad

Ina Asim, History and Luke Habberstad, EALL/Religious Studies: HIST/EALL 410 “Chinese Cities: Lived and Imagined” Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship

Mai-Lin Cheng

Mai-Lin Cheng, Clark Honors College: HC 421 “Reading Commonplaces” Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship

Miriam Gershow

Miriam Gershow, English: ENG 399 “Living Writers” Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship

Arafaat Valiani

Arafaat Valiani, History: HIST 4XX “Social Movements and Markets in Global Perspective”

Mary Wood Kristin Yarris

Mary Wood, English and Kristin Yarris, International Studies: ENG/INTL 410/510 “Mind, Madness, and Society: Schizophrenia Across Cultures and Genres” Wulf Teaching Professorship


Dissertation Fellows

Anna-Lisa Baumeister

Anna-Lisa Baumeister, Comparative Literature: “1765–85: Poetological Ecologies, Ecological Revolutions”

Mariko Pleschia

Mariko Plescia, Romance Languages: “Time, Justice and Documentary Film in Contemporary Latin America”

Bonnie Sheehey

Bonnie Sheehey, Philosophy: “Reparative Critique: Temporality, Action, and Transformation in James, Foucault, and Latour”

Gus Skorburg

Joshua August Skorburg, Philosophy: “Extended Virtues”

Graduate Research Support Fellows

Anna Cook

Anna Cook, Philosophy: “Settler Denial as an Epistemology of Ignorance”

Sean Peterson

Sean Peterson, Musicology: “Something Real: Rap, Resistance, and the Music of the Soulquarians”

Miles Wilkinson

Miles Wilkinson, History: “Medical Confidentiality and the Origins of Physician-Patient Privilege”

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