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2016–17 Fellows

Faculty Research Fellows

Steven Brown

Steven T. Brown, Comparative Literature: “Resonant Evil: Studies in Asian Horror Cinema” (Spring 2017) VPRI Completion Fellowship

Lynn Fujiwara

Lynn Fujiwara, Ethnic Studies: “Survival and Queer Desire in Nora Okja Keller’s Comfort Woman” (Fall 2016) VPRI Completion Fellowship

Lanie Millar

Lanie Millar, Romance Languages: “Disappointment in Cuban and Angolan Novels After Revolution” (Spring 2017) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Drew Nobile

Drew Nobile, Music: “Form as Harmony in Rock Music” (Fall 2016)

Jenifer Presto

Jenifer Presto, Comparative Literature: "Modernism and Catastrophe: Russian Writing Between Etna and Vesuvius" (Winter 2017) VPRI Completion Fellowship

Ben Saunders

Ben Saunders, English: “Super-Bodies: Towards an Alternative History of a Genre” (Fall 2016) Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Carol Silverman

Carol Silverman, Anthropology: “Appropriation, Hybridity and Race: Global Gypsy Theory” (Spring 2017) Provost’s Senior Humanist Fellowship

Marian Smith

Marian Smith, Music: “Reconstructing Ballet: from Manuscript to Stage” (Winter 2017)

Mark Whalan

Mark Whalan, English: “World War One, American Literature, and the Federal State” (Winter 2017) Ernest G. Moll Research Fellowship in Literary Studies

Ed Wolf

Juan Eduardo Wolf, Music: “Styling Blackness in Chile: Rethinking Music-Dance in the African Diaspora” (Fall 2016) VPRI Completion Fellowship


Faculty Teaching Fellows

Bryna Goodman

Bryna Goodman, History: HIST 410 “Contested Histories: Mao and Maoism in China and the World” (Spring 2017)

Maile Htterer
Akiko Walley

Maile S. Hutterer and Akiko Walley, History of Art and Architecture: ARH 410 “Why we represent” (Spring 2017) Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship

Nicolae Morar

Nicolae Morar, Philosophy and Environmental Studies: PHIL 4XX “Clinical Ethics” (Winter 2017) Wulf Teaching Professorship

Alaí Reyes-Santos

Alaí Reyes-Santos, Ethnic Studies: ES 199 “Race, Ethics, and Justice” (Spring 2017)

Daniel Rosenberg

Daniel Rosenberg, Honors College: HC 431 “History Studio/History Lab” (Winter 2017) Coleman-Guitteau Teaching Professorship

Carol Silverman

Carol Silverman, Anthropology: ANTH 199 “Gypsies/Roma Others/Selves” (Winter 2017) Wulf Teaching Professorship


Dissertation Fellows

Natalie Brenner

Natalie Brenner, Romance Languages: “Generating Geographies and Genealogies: Jewish Francophone Women Writing in the 20th Century” (Spring 2017)

Russell Duvernoy

Russell J. Duvernoy, Philosophy: “Feeling in Process: Alternative Empiricisms and Metaphysics in Whitehead and Deleuze” (Fall 2016)

Hillary Maxson

Hillary Maxson, History: “Kakeibo Monogatari: Women’s Consumerism and the Postwar Japanese Kitchen” (Fall 2016)

Graduate Research Support Fellows

Nichelle Frank

Nichelle Frank, History: “Sanitizing History: Problems of Environmental Cleanup and Historic Preservation in Butte, Leadville, and Globe”

Rebecca Hastings

Rebecca Hastings, History: “The Oil Industry and Society in Azerbaijan, 1870–2015”

Rachel Tanner

Rachel Tanner, English: “Negotiating the Brows: American Middlebrow Culture, 1915–1930”

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